Free Twitch Viewers!

What is this thing?

Hi, I'm a streamer just like you and I wanted to try and give back to the community in some way.
Viewers are the most important commodity on twitch to get your stream noticed so I made this tool so we can work together to get more viewers for small streamers for free!
It was important for me to create a tool without any "Pay to win" type elements, so the only way to get your stream here and to earn points is to watch other streams.
So with that in mind, you probably want to know....

How Does It Work?

To get started, it's as simple as logging in with your twitch account by clicking "Connect With Twitch" in the top right corner.
Once you are logged in you can start earning points, your total points are shown under the video.
To earn points the current stream MUST be playing and MUST NOT be muted. When these requirements are met the status indicators ( ) under the stream will be green

Once you have earned 1000 points your stream will be eligible to be shown on this page.
It takes 1 hour of watching to earn 1000 points or 45 minutes if you are following the streamer (This is shown by the green icon).
A new stream is chosen at random every hour if it is online and the streamer will be charged 1000 points. If the stream goes offline within this hour, a new eligible stream will be chosen for the remainder of the hour at no cost to the streamer.

Can I Buy Points?

No, there is currently no way for a streamer to buy points or pay to be shown on this page and that Is how I intend to keep it!
There is no "Pay to win" here! The only way to get points is to watch other streamers.